Enforce compulsory face masks on public transport.

The driver/train managers should not accept anybody not wearing a face mask. People who are exempt, should show a medical certificate stating they are not able to wear a face mask.

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Because many people still do not comply with the rule and constantly people are using public transport without a face mask putting in danger other travellers and commuters.

by Antonello99 on October 05, 2020 at 10:10PM

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  • Posted by ConorJ October 11, 2020 at 16:14

    I'm really concerned about the increasing restrictions on using public transport to limited 'essential' reasons. It's creating an increasing inequitable set-up between people who have private cars who can take advantage of the limited freedoms we've been given back and those who can't.

    I can only get to my family and loved ones (and many of them to me) using public transport - if you restrict how we get to each other - the rules in place which let us see each other (indoors/out) are in effect redundant.

    I have been incredibly frustrated at the number of people I've seen on public transport who are i) not wearing face coverings or ii) are not wearing them properly. Whilst I appreciate not everyone can wear a face covering, I strongly suspect many people have not been through choice rather than medical exemption. I have seen zero enforcement on busses or trains from Police Scotland/the British Transport Police of these rules since they came into effect.

    If there is genuine concern COVID is spreading through public transport and this is being picked up by Test and Protect - I would like to see BTP/Police Scotland on services enforcing the face covering regulations and challenging when face coverings aren't being worn. Alternatively, other representatives from transport providers need to in some way be able to do something about it.

    I would be really disappointed if further travel restrictions/bans are put into effect for public transport both within and between local authorities/health boards areas and the same measures aren't introduced for private cars. I would like to see enforcement of the existing rules rather than more restrictions which take away the opportunities people are slowly being afforded once again to connect with loved ones who don't live within walking/cycling distance.
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