Enforcement action against Companies and Employers

Many companies and employers are working very hard perticularly small and micro businesses to follow the rules.

However a number of predominantly large organisations are clearly failing, recent outbreaks at Meat plants underlined this. A visit to a chain fast food Restaurant or a number of other multi national chains. Also demonstrates anecdotally poor performance.

A number of companies have also told there employees we are an English company we follow English rules!

This is unacceptable and should be met with very tough enforcement action and Very large fines.
It would not take many large fines to increase enforcement.
Employers have a duty of care under the Health and Safety legislation this needs to be enforced.

Why the contribution is important

The failure to take action against Companies is endorsement by omission.

by StepRam on October 06, 2020 at 08:50AM

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  • Posted by Seamus91 October 06, 2020 at 11:27

    I agree with this. More defined guidelines and enforcement is needed. Current policies are too open to interpretation, leading to many employers to pick and choose how they intemperate things to suit their preference.

    My employer has been "encouraging" staff who were working well from home back into office, saying we are a business essential team and therefore need to be in the office. However, at the start of lockdown we were praised for being so able to work from home with no negative impact on our ability to effectively do our jobs. Additionally, I am personally yet to find a single task carried out in the office that could not be carried out at home.
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