Ensure approach is “fair” and rules have consequences

The majority of people across Scotland have tried their best to comply with all restrictions and guidelines put forward for now 6months. In return a small number of people have flouted the rules in an effort to live a more normal life with what seems to be little thought for others. It also seems that, on the whole, those who have flouted the rules have encountered little to no consequences for their actions. Those sticking to the rules need to feel that the approach is “fair” and that if rules are to be followed they should be followed by all or there will be real consequences.

Why the contribution is important

How long do we think that the majority of people will continue to live more restricted lives when those ignoring the rules see no consequences? If those who have put an extraordinary effort into following the rules, for 6 months +, get fed up with others flouting the rules with no consequences do you think they will continue to follow the rules indefinitely?

by JohnCC on October 05, 2020 at 07:53PM

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