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As a person living in city of Glasgow, I have seen approximately 90% of older people not either wearing their face mask under the nose and or just under their chin, and as a sufferer of SPMS, and still wear a face mask, this infuriates me. This is of course unacceptable, and is not helping the virus be reduced. Also shops need to enforce customers to wear face masks properly, by having signs outside their shop, stating people that don't wear face masks properly, will not be allowed in, as Regis hair salon is the only place that does this. The FACTS message needs to be made clearer, that wear face mask properly, wash hands properly too, as well as 2m apart, as this is a problem too. The new restrictions, will not work long term, by having only 16 days, this should have been done at the start as people don't need the pubs, open, it won't help the economy, by being opened, and people are dying because of this. People should be in quarantine who come in from parts of the UK, as this will tighten our measures greatly. Overall stricter guidelines, for people and businesses too, as this is the only way the virus will ease down perfectly. As after 7 months, the R number should be 0.6 not 1.6. The proof of being too relaxed, is shown the catrosophic implications

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Becasuse by doing these measures, it will ensure more people will realise, that it is serious, and the virus will not go away, by being relaxed about the implications.

by Psychology56 on October 11, 2020 at 06:39PM

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