Firm up Nat5/Higher Course and Exam diet

We are now at the end of the first school term and the curriculum is still being consulted on. Our children and Teachers are unsure what needs to be submitted to the SQA in relation to assignments for many subjects. In normal years children have already started this work at this point in the school year. This needs to be immediately firmed up. A decision needs to be taken as to whether exams will take place next year to assist our children prepare for the year ahead.

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Children in final and important years of education are being disadvantaged through not knowing what is happening in relation to the curriculum this year. Many have suffered due to being unable to sit exams during 2020 and the disorganisation for 2021 continues to be unsettling and stressful. It’s great to have schools open but when there is uncertainty on the curriculum with the high chance of last minute panic and pressure to prepare assignments that should have been started by now this is deeply unfair for our young people.

by MichelleS on October 06, 2020 at 07:24PM

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  • Posted by jakkyb7 October 06, 2020 at 21:44

    Our children deserve certainty about their exams and should be preparing for these instead of worrying about whether these will go ahead or not. They suffered enough last year and the same fiasco should not be allowed to happen again. They deserve better from the adults that are supposed to be looking after their welfare and future.
  • Posted by Skc62 October 06, 2020 at 22:03

    If there are no exams and schools are reliant on teacher assessments from tests and prelims, how can we be sure that all schools set prelims and tests at same level meaning there is a fair system in place for gradings. At the moment there is huge pressure on young people worrying that every test they do counts towards their grade. This is affecting their mental well-being. Combined with the worry that there may or may not be exams, these young people are struggling. There needs to be certainty over exams and contents for those teaching the courses.
  • Posted by HardWorkPaysOff October 06, 2020 at 22:06

    Arrangements must be confirmed without further delay to enable candidates and teachers to prepare. Scottish Government must not let down another cohort of young people.
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