Get back to normal and revive the economy.

Deaths throughout the whole of the UK are fairly low and serious cases requiring hospitalization remain at a manageable level. ('Cases'/positive results are not as high as they appear as the testing is grossly inaccurate.) Therefore it is only reasonable to start going about our business as per normal. Christmas will help the retail sector to revive if we act now. The country, especially Scotland, cannot afford to keep people at home (except those who are vulnerable, if they want to be protected). It is now clear that Covid 19 at a global death rate of 0.14% is no worse than flu (WHO figures as at 8.10.2020), and it is time to acknowledge that perhaps we have overreacted a bit, and that this is no longer necessary.

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Poverty will become increasingly prevalent if we allow the present restrictions to continue, and poverty leads to misery and many deaths. There are also far too many collateral deaths of people being untreated for cancer, heart disease etc. Those deaths outweigh Covid deaths and potential Covid deaths. People also will suffer in many different ways if they are forced to wear facemasks and continue to limit their social interaction. It is important for the health and mental health of the Scottish that they are allowed to live normal lives.

by Bolshygirl on October 11, 2020 at 07:45PM

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  • Posted by Pipkins October 11, 2020 at 20:34

    If you think 42,000 deaths is fairly low, what would you consider high? We tried going back to business as usual, opening everything up, ignoring social distancing, not wearing masks and what happened? We now have to introduce more and more restrictions across Scotland and close businesses as infections spiral out of control and deaths gradual increase. There are also thousands of people, young and old experiencing low term health problems because of covid and this is likely to be very costly to the economy in future. If we have a better testing system, better border controls, wear masks in all indoor locations especially workplaces and limit people mixing in crowds as well as getting people to follow the restrictions we can be in a much better position.
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