Get in touch with the epidemiologists behind the Great Barrington Declaration

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As a matter of urgency, consult with the three epidemiologists (Dr Martin Kulldorf, Dr Jay Bhattacharya, Prof Sunetra Gupta) behind the Great Barrington Declaration: Make it a priority to divert all the money and efforts that currently go into mitigating the unacceptable effects of lockdowns into a nation-wide strategy for shielding the elderly while the rest of the population goes back to normal with reasonable precautions. Many of us who are young and healthy, and lucky enough to have kept our salaries, would gladly donate so that care home staff salaries can be trebled or quadrupled so that they can live in the premises. Or we would commit to work some of those care home shifts ourselves as a sort of "national service". When lockdown started in March, many charities, local authorities and self-organizing groups recruited volunteers to deliver groceries to those in shielding. The supply of volunteers far outstripped demand, which proves that Scottish people are ready to mobilize. Consult with local authorities, charities, care homes, etc. on developing localized strategies. Tap on local communities too - are there locals with strong logistic or leadership skills that could help the government coordinate the effort in their community on a voluntary basis?

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The logistical effort, as well as the financial and emotional price of this would be tremendous, yes. Still, I don't think it would exceed the enormous financial and emotional price we've paid with the lockdown and continuous restrictions. It would also genuinely provide a sense that we're in this together. As it is, a minority (=middle class who can work from home and is in secure jobs) benefits from the protections of the lockdowns while not facing any of the economic losses, a majority (the working classes) explose themselves to the virus and/or to financial catastrophe, and - most importantly - the elderly and vulnerable are still NOT protected.

by Daradara on October 06, 2020 at 04:53PM

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