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numbers are up because people are being tested, normally deaths go up in winter look at other countries such as New Zealand very low death rate [ because they had a total lock down no one in or leaving the country] Nordic countries with no restrictions low death rates....... PPe Testing .. everybody wearing masks should have started Jan 2020... Stop look learn reboot the response which has been running behind the problem start being proactive instead of being reactive

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as someone who is deemed a " Key Worker" All of 2020 l have had to work public facing what is required when it is required l have had to work with out an NHS no primary care no outpatients people being allowed to have demonstrations [enc NHS staff] failure to get ahead of the curve puts me and others at extra risk and extends the time if restrictions clearly as a new virus we dont have the science or experts over 100 days to add additional symptoms l think its important to stop review and move in correct

by kennethmillar on October 06, 2020 at 11:32AM

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