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Please restart bowel cancer and breast cancer screening. There is no reason to suspend these services any longer. The number of deaths that will result from the delay in restarting these is frightening

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by Athomas26 on October 06, 2020 at 06:19PM

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  • Posted by GLockerbie October 06, 2020 at 22:04

    It is essential to keep these vital services going. To stop/delay any of these will only mean a queue being created / building up for treatment. The likelihood is more people requiring major treatment or many people not getting the treatment needed as they get overlooked. For some it may be too little too late and lives will be lost unnecessarily. Surely prevention is key to saving lives. The government seems only interested in anything coronavirus related at the moment, which is wrong.
  • Posted by islander7 October 07, 2020 at 12:03

    If vital screening services are not resumed the public will be able to judge that politicians and civil servants have contributed, deliberately or recklessly to the resulting excess deaths.
  • Posted by Julie October 08, 2020 at 15:49

    A family member had a positive screening test just before they stopped, she is now having treatment. Had she not had the test she would not have as good an outcome as the cancer would have had many, many months to develop. She had no idea she had cancer. Screening is important to save lives.
  • Posted by sylvia October 11, 2020 at 13:40

    Totally agree. This is dangerous, I’m now 7 months late with my bowel screening and it worries me
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