Hear our Voices Allow Public Participation to find a balance, we just want to survive

My option is some public participation, people in the community living with the day to day worries, If your In the vulnerable or shielding category you as an adult need to risk assess and make the correct choices for yourself the individual. Following the science just doesn’t work now and I presume because now we are 7 months into this pandemic. Unfortunately there will always be groups of individuals breaking the rules (and for them that’s just about living). I’ve been reading over the last week you can get it multiple times meaning that it will never leave us at peace. Also you can be passing on 2 days before your symptoms appear and that makes advantage COVID. Closing and opening is ruining people lives and self employed people. This week It’s mental awareness. I feel the public should be involved in decision making, our locals parliament members have been no where to be seen through this pandemic what’s happening in the community !! Some people are suffering. Technology is out there let’s get some views and works together to find a middle ground of survival instead of what seems control measures in Scotland they say voices matter, our voices are being ignored let us work together so my suggestion is community participation. Most of us don’t want freedom, we want to survive and find a balance and spend time with our family and friends our loved ones, life is short, let us talk and you listen then give your guidance and we will pull together to get us through.

Why the contribution is important

They say in Scotland we should have Independence, is this the way the country would be run without participation from us the people. We are struggling, trying to do our best, make it clearer and involve us to get better solutions. Instead of enforcement get key people out talking to the young people who are our future.

by Linda101020 on October 11, 2020 at 01:40PM

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