Herd immunity while protecting the old and vulnerable

We shield the old and vulnerable and get on as normal, we can not continue down this path of crippling the country for generations to come and killing more than covid in the long run and i may not be a comfortabke discussion to have but we need prespective, this fear campaign has installed fear in too mamy people and is completely irrational according to govs own data.

Why the contribution is important

This is important as all Tcell studies seem to indicate long term immunity is likely, on national records scotland it tells you of all deaths from march till august (mentioning covid on the certificate, not died directly with) only 8% of them died with no known underlying conditions, this works out to about roughly 350 people! All sad but again some perspective, 140 people die per week from alcohol related issues in scotland, people die and its sad but thus madness cant go on, the most common pre existing conditions in all the deaths was :- dementia & alzheimers disease the followed by ischaemic heart disease, we have locled up kids and teenagers when the chances of them being effected are next to zero, somehow we are ok with destroying a generation of kids mental health but i think its time to stop this madness.

by Nomorelockdowns on October 11, 2020 at 09:15PM

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