Household bubbles

Allow each household to create a bubble with another household and allow indoor socialisation at home. These two households cannot mix indoors with other households. I agree with a lot of other comments. I have followed the rules from day one yet see other people flouting them with no regard to others and the virus. Their needs to be stricter policing of rules by the police and those that can enforce them ie shops ensuring the wearing of masks, those that cannot wear masks should wear a badge. Pubs/restaurants need to enforce the two household rule. I saw on social media a celebration in a pub and the way the large group of people got around the rules was by 6 people, some of more than two households, sitting at individual tables. It was clear to all that this was a large social gathering with a lot of hugging going on. I like a lot of others have been unable to hug my family! For those that are following the rules and for our mental health allow us our social bubbles!

Why the contribution is important

We need to live during this pandemic but help keep the transmission low. Our mental health is being affected by too tight restrictions on family socialising. I would much rather be able to visit my sister for a cuppa or take her shopping than sit in a pub or restaurant with other people I do not know. There needs to be a balance to allow families to see each other and not in the pouring rain in the garden!

by GillianAF on October 06, 2020 at 07:50AM

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