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I feel that restrictions imposed on indoor household visiting are completely unrealistic, unreasonable and horrific for family/ friendship relationships and, therefore, hugely damaging for the longterm mental health of society. It doesn’t make sense that we can only have outdoor meet ups with our family and closest friends outdoors in the wet, cold weather. If we have to meet up in cafes or bars we are mixing with strangers and this is unsafe and decidedly not relaxing. We are safer in our homes where we can safely distance while having the company of those we love. We need family and friends around us at this most difficult time.
This whole situation in which we find ourselves is divisive and dangerous.
I would implore the Government to allow us to meet with at least 6 people from 3 household ( children excluded from numbers).
It seems to me that most people are basically decent and sensible and would not abuse such a rule.
If there were some ignoring the guidelines by having large house parties earlier during the pandemic, these ARE NOT REPRESENTATIVE of the population.

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This is extremely important as family and close human ties are are the heart of civilised society. To deprive us of this will be hugely damaging for mental health and relationships. This damage will continue long after the pandemic. People are becoming depressed and some may die. This affects ALL age groups.
People need each other especially for support at this time and indeed for help with problems in life that are not COVD related. Unfortunately there is not enough importance applied to the family unit by current regimes. This will be devastating for many.
Why would we be allowed to board a plane with many strangers but not be permitted to sit with our family in our own home.?

by EBonner on October 06, 2020 at 09:45PM

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  • Posted by Coco12 October 07, 2020 at 07:33

    Totally agree and they’ve been imposed across the whole of Scotland rather than the targeted hotspots. In Tayside our number are up but they are mostly related to the student clusters where targeted action was taken anyway.
  • Posted by DesperateDan October 07, 2020 at 15:46

    Absolutely spot on, utterly ridiculous rules

    I cannae share a hoose (a building) with two or three people I ken and trust but I can go in tae a pub (a building) and share it with thirty or forty people I dinnae ken from Adam.
    I cannae use the same or even separate wash/toilet facilites in a hoose with people I ken and trust but I can share wash/toilet facilities in a pub with any Tom, Dick or Harry, half of whom will probably be pished and no bother washing their hands.
    I cannae share a lift in a car with somebody I ken and trust but I can get in a car with a total stranger for driving lessons.

    All aboot money those rules

    made even more ridiculous today, it's no a total lock doon but you cannnae meet your friends either in their house or at the pub now but you can stand oot in the freezing cauld and pishin rain tae see them so it might as well be and fine they ken it.

    The legacy of this government will a country of mental health basket cases because you have stopped people meeting the friends and families and from getting on with their lives
  • Posted by Fionafrgsn October 08, 2020 at 14:58

    Totally agree. My son is 40 on Monday and we have lunch booked so we can meet up with him and his fiancée. Fortunately we are in an extended family with my 85 year old father who moved in with us during lockdown but has since moved back home so he is able to still see us regularly. . I cannot understand how, when the rate is relatively low in the Scottish Borders, we can meet up in a restaurant but not in our home. I know my home is clean. I clean the toilet regularly throughout the day. I also know people who are still admitting family and friends despite the regulations. However in England where the rates are soaring they can still meet up indoors to a maximum of six and that can be six separate single households. Very unfair on us, adding to our angst and very sad when we have the whole winter ahead of us. Tackle the problem areas and let us get on and help the echo only and our mental health.
  • Posted by gmb October 08, 2020 at 18:36

    Yes, this is so important! Essential in fact as the weather gets worse.
  • Posted by ChristieW27 October 11, 2020 at 21:31

    There are limited places to go to meet with people, especially with the colder weather and restrictions on hospitality. Avoiding crowded places is okay in theory, but if it's between that and not seeing friends/family at all, visiting crowded places is going to be the preferable option.
    Recently, in order to see my friend I have been going to a shopping centre. It is practically mobbed, but it's the only way I get to see her. Previously she had been allowed to visit my home and sit in a designated seat on the other side of the room with the window open. She was the only person other than the existing members of the household to enter the flat. How on earth is that worse than walking around beside people who have zero concept of what social distancing is? Or don't know the mask needs to cover their nose? The issue with this is that my own personal safety relies on the common sense of others, which isn't up to much.
    It is also costly to meet with people in hospitality only, a cost which a lot of us could do without.
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