Increase Household Bubbles

An increase on the current extended household situation. Allow a few households to link up (for example 4) who are allowed to visit each other. This will allow families to stay connected, especially with elderly family members who may not be able to utilise the social communication tools that are available to them. A case within a bubble would mean all self isolate, so that would be a calculated risk in choosing your connected households, but it still contains the virus if someone were to test positive. If restrictions were to become stricter, it may mean that no-one is allowed to meet up with anyone outside their larger extended household. But in that case people would still be able to care for relatives and keep relationships.

Why the contribution is important

If the situation keeps worsening, people may expect another lockdown where they are unable to see anyone outside of their current household. Restricting people to only be able to meet their own current household would be detrimental to their mental health and, from what I know anecdotally, is likely to be met with a low level of compliance. This will allow people to have a few faces that they can see and talk to. They would be less likely to break rules to see people outwith this group. It would also be beneficial for people's mental health to have their nearest and dearest included in their household. There will be many people who have gone this entire time without any human contact.

by ChristieW27 on October 06, 2020 at 12:57AM

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