Increase wedding capacity

Throughout the Covid pandemic it feels like the hospitality industry, and in particular the wedding industry has been unfairly treated and discriminated against.

First of all a ban, and then a blanket rule of only 20 people including suppliers is extremely unfair. Other factors such as the size of the venue should be given due consideration.

Only a small percentage of the positive virus tests traces back to hospitality, it would be better if the government spent their time developing targeted measures aimed at stopping the spread of the virus, I.e. schools and universities. I am not saying schools should be closed however I know from several teacher friends across various local authorities that there is no staggered start/finish times, classes all finish and change at the same time, same break times and lunch time and no social distancing. Apart from some hand gel there is no additional cleaning and there are no additional measures for vulnerable staff members.

The reality is the virus will be with us for a while, even with a vaccine it may take some time for things to get back to normal. We need to learn to live with the virus. The vast majority of people who catch the virus will be fine, surely protecting the most vulnerable is key and not holding everyone to the same standard.

The level of restrictions and CONTROL we are living under just now is unacceptable. I would suggest the first minister stops doing tv briefs every day and uses her time to get on with their day job. I am sure her time would be better spent developing targeted interventions to reduce the spread of the virus in stress of a blanket approach and taking aim at an easy target I.e the hospitality sector. The impact on the whole wedding industry is devastating, so many venues and businesses (make up, florists, stationary, entertainment, photography) are in ruins.

There is a balance to be struck between protecting people and the economy. It will be easy for the first minister to completely disregard the economy, blame Westminster and use this to fuel her own agenda.

To summarise my idea:
- stop singling the wedding and hospitality sector
- allow people to get married in a normal way. Throughout Spain and other countries in Europe weddings have continued as normal and they were equally as badly affected.
- numbers should be in line with the size of the venue.
- suppliers should not be included in the numbers
- let people live their lives
- target your interventions in the right areas - schools, universities, care homes, shielders.
- stop politicising the virus and stop the daily tv interviews
- sort through flu jab out. What chance do we have if there is a vaccine when we can’t even get the flu jab right.

Why the contribution is important

It is important as it’s peoples right and the level of restrictions in fringe on peoples rights.

by Fbolli on October 10, 2020 at 10:33PM

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