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Probably been mentioned before but I feel so angry at you taking away the (admittedly limited) household interraction we had before. We're heading into colder and wetter weather now and outdoor meetings, especially with little kids isn't always going to be an option. I don't understand the logic in removing household meetings. If I saw my folks on the Saturday am and then my sister etc in the afternoon, I've still mixed with the same number of people. Except it's now costing us money to see eachother! There's surely also an increased risk of transmission in this approach? If I go to a licensed premises to see my folks, we're in there with 50 other strangers, who may be carrying the virus. Vs a home meeting with 4 other adults. I'm probably visiting cafes etc 3 times more now than I did before you introduced this restriction because I miss my family. So rather than mixing with 6 people I know are being responsible I'm forced into a cafe or a restaurant where I'm lumped in with 50 other strangers. To me this feels cruel, and lacking in enough scientific justification. You should allow 8 people to meet indoors.

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People's mental health is really suffering not being able to see family

by Lstewart on October 11, 2020 at 05:15PM

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  • Posted by Pandamamma October 11, 2020 at 21:59

    Totally agree, I hadn’t been in a cafe of restaurant since March until I was forced to go to several last week to meet my parents and my in-laws, I’m meeting my sister and her new baby in parks where it’s freezing just to see her and my two year old is upset as all she wants is her grandpa to come and play with her toys! We were much safer and better observing the hygiene and distancing in our homes than the tiny distance across the table in a cafe with 50 strangers close by, it is stupid
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