Keep Businesses Open, keep family visits ....with tougher restrictions

Keep businesses open but with country wide blanket restrictions.
Tougher restrictions if needed, distancing minimum 2m. . . . there is your balance :)
Have more spot checks on businesses for compliance.
Allow families to meet at their homes but will a maximum limit or a 2/3 family bubble.
If people can mingle in shops, beer gardens, then let them mingle with their families.
Base further restrictions on hospitalisations
More strict guidelines for the elderly or vulnerable.

Why the contribution is important

This is important for the overall health and well being of our society and its businesses.
These rules will provide more compliance if somethings are allowed, stopping everything will just urge the more tired and weary to break these guidelines.

We have to be in a good mental state to get through this, its a balance that needs to be thought through, otherwise lack of compliance and protests will grow, adding fuel to the fire.

by cobdunfermline on October 11, 2020 at 01:38PM

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