Keep restaurants open but add ration

No need to point blame at restaurants keep restaurants open that comply to strict guidelines but add rations for customers. For example if you choose one establishment that evening/lunch you then cannot go on to another. Meaning people can enjoy a meal accompanied with a wine sensibility.. There is no need to destroy business owners livelihoods when you can put in substantial offerings that people can keep to. Choose one restaurant/ bar a day and also put a reasonable time frame on. Allowing you to meet one other household.

Why the contribution is important

Own well renowned and successful restaurants in centre of Edinburgh and feel like we have gone above and beyond. We’ve kept all customers and staff safe, but now we are being punished for a lack of fair sustainable planning from policy makers. A sustainable solution can be met. Hospitality is hugely important for the economy and peoples health under our safe regimes transmission of covid is not happening. We feel we’ve been blamed for a rise in cases out with our control.

by watsonfi on October 11, 2020 at 08:50PM

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