Keep Schools Open

The SG need to reinforce how SAFE schools are for pupils and other school staff. They need to EDUCATE and show the data which highlights children are NOT spreaders, that adults in school need only worry about other adults and remind EVERY parent or carer that school is more than simply education. Social media and local news need to be stopped from highlighting every positive test in a school children become so easily identifiable. Stop forcing perfectly well children to isolate for days on end - prisoners in their own homes. Please if you’re worried look at Denmark and Sweden where school is normal no distancing no face masks. What has this country turned into I despair. The SG are letting our children down and we’re letting them.

Why the contribution is important

Both my daughters have loved being back at school their mental health declined when they weren’t there. Children need school for so many reasons .... Education is fundamental. The only thing keeping me going is that my girls have school, their friends, their teachers.

by mummywebb on October 11, 2020 at 09:58PM

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