Let's take a preventative approach instead. Lockdowns kill.

Instead of shutting down society again and causing a tidal wave of devastating business closures, job loss, financial devastation, mental health issues, substance abuse, and further isolating the already lonely during the entirety of an already depressing and dark period (winter), advocate for preventative measures for the populace. For example: Vitamin D. Please read this study from Boston: https://www.bostonherald.com/2020/09/17/vitamin-d-can-help-reduce-coronavirus-risk-by-54-boston-university-doctor/ Vitamin D seems to not only reduce the odds of contracting it, but it prevents death in those in hospital. As we enter the darker months, it makes no sense to have us all huddling in our houses again with everything shut, spending all our time confined indoors with others with no sunlight and no fresh air, under yet another mentally devastating house arrest. Instead, STRONGLY advocate for daily Vitamin D supplements, exercise, weight loss, fresh air, and healthy diet. Educate folk on how they can strengthen their immune systems. Instead of taking a passive approach such as essentially hiding away from a highly contagious microbe (which didn't seem to work all that well because it's still very much amongst us) take charge. Encourage healthier lifestyles. I believe it is up to the individual to look at the facts and evaluate their own risks NOT based on scare tactics to keep people afraid of each other, even loved ones, seeing everyone else as disease vectors. It breaks down society, and the longer this goes on, the more we stand to lose. After countless studies, we now know so much more about the risks to various age groups and know it is not the automatic death sentence we thought it was in the beginning, all things considered. We have never had the government halt society, travel, or families gathering for a virus in history, and many have been far more deadly. I would understand if this disease had an incredibly high death rate like Ebola or MERS, but we now know it thankfully does not. It adversely affects those who in care homes, those who likely would have not survived the next bad flu season anyway. With that in mind, we must have folk evaluate their own risk on their own accord, with preventative measures like vitamin supplements, socially distancing and mask use. If at-risk indivdiuals don't want to take thes risks, perhaps it's time to give them a stipend to self-isolate until a vaccine or other natural end point. It is FAR less damaging to society, at this point, to put everything on hold until a vaccine -- which we've been told won't even be 100% effective! Lockdowns are akin to holding a balloon under water. You can hold it down there as long as you like, but once you release it, it bobs to the surface and is exposed all over again. It's an endless cycle. We'll never get out of this. We are far past the containment stage. That's only possible if you are an isolated nation, and even then it just takes ONE person to start it up all over again. (After all, that's how it began -- it took just one person to spread it to every nation on earth.) It's the same virus all over the world. This means we are just as likely to catch it at ASDA as we are on an airplane. Same deal with the flu, common cold, or norovirus. It's everywhere. There is no longer any point in geographic or regional restrictions because we're just delaying the inevitable, unless we keep this up forever. The virus is endemic now, like all other coronaviruses before it. An abundance of caution will see us through the next few months, NOT another society damaging lockdown that keeps families apart, the elderly isolated, destroys people's lives and businesses, and delays treatment.

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My friend in Coatbridge just died of cancer last week, likely due to delays in her treatment, and she was in her 40s. Lockdowns kill. They also kill by loneliness. The elderly don't want to spend their final years cut off from their loved ones, or friends. Every day counts. This is cruelty. We've passed the point where the cure is worse than the actual disease. Cowering hasn't worked, and even at the very start, it wouldn't have worked unless we sealed everyone in their homes for months, which is impossible because we'll always need people to work the sewers, deliver groceries, electricity, etc. Life is very short. My dad's sudden death taught me that. This madness needs to stop before we rob any more of the life we apparently holding so dear, from those who stand to lose the most from these devastating lockdowns.

by MissScotland on October 06, 2020 at 07:27PM

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