Local Restrictions based on positive cases

Deal with local spikes, use data evidence practically, share evidence with public before decisions are made.

Why the contribution is important

Increased numbers of positive cases happen for a reason ( who was so naive to think that the rise in University positive cases wasn’t going to happen) , gov and advisers are using the increase ( majority now due to Uni cases) to validate their decision on a national circuit breaker, which they have had every intention to do anyway ( when schools on holiday) Its important to deal with spikes locally ( whether the spike is due to a single business, or hospitality, or in homes), it’s important to share the data and evidence on which the government make a local decision so the public are more likely to comply. If we are to live with belong nationally locked down due to a relatively low number ( considering opening up economy) of positive cases in some areas rather than being locally locked down due to route causes the public will continue to be patronised and are less likely to comply and the whole cycle will begin again once the lockdown finishes.

by Vikkypark on October 06, 2020 at 11:29AM

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