Lockdowns kills jobs not the virus

We have endured one of the most severe lockdowns of the home nations and the virus is still spreading, it is clear lockdowns do not work, either because they could never work regardless of guidelines or people can't follow the rules strictly. Either way we need a new approach, one that is sustainable and easy to follow. There are plenty of experts crying out loud that lockdowns do not work and that we should protect those who are vulnerable whilst letting the rest of us carry on with life, in fact Oxford university professors claim that by getting herd immunity it would offer even more protection on top of the vaccine. It's clear that we cannot continue with lockdowns indefinitely, they are not working and only increase our economic, social and mental welfare.

Why the contribution is important

I believe my idea is important because it's the path of least destruction, we can protect the vulnerable long term whilst getting our entire way of life back. There are many scientists and experts who are screaming at politicians that lockdowns are the wrong way to go about this, why are we listening to the ones that bring the most destruction to our long term health, wealth and happiness?

by JF01 on October 06, 2020 at 10:12AM

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