Long Term Strategy - Fairness, Transparency and Information

We currently have a situation where the lockdown restrictions are not fairly applied. Sectors of the economy are closed for no apparent reason and socialising is only allowed near a card reader (10pm curfew with SAGE confirming this had no scientific basis!!). The restrictions should be fairer on younger generations who are being hit as hard by the lockdowns as older generations are being hit by Covid. With proper testing information (showing where outbreaks are mostly likely to occur, where rates are highest etc.) citizens can make more informed decisions on their everyday activities. Each person has a unique risk profile/tolerance and until we have clear information and data available, risk assessment will be made based on the profile of the lowest risk tolerance (i.e. walking at the pace of the slowest). Finally, more transparency is needed from the SG. We need non-political broadcasts and information coming out, not propaganda spouted by the FM. A page on the SG website with clear, non biased information is needed.

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The key to achieving balance is fairness, transparency and information.

by slimbofat on October 07, 2020 at 12:12PM

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