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It is a basic need of families to see and interact with each other in order to strengthen relationships which will maintain health and wellbeing. At present families are struggling mentally with not being able to sit down and talk in their homes. The very nature of family is to support one another, being there for one another, knowing you can go to their home and be a good listener or give advice . The 'coffee shop' environment is not always conducive to carrying out the role of parent or grandparent. Covid 19 does not just affect us physically, it is proving detrimental to our mental welfare, we must consider both. It is unnatural not to see family members and is affecting both young and old.

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Allowing families to meet indoors in their homes, maximum of 6 people, where they follow FACTS should be a serious consideration in controlling the spread of covid19 and maintaining mental wellbeing.

by nannykitty on October 05, 2020 at 08:46PM

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  • Posted by Ftay20 October 05, 2020 at 21:09

    Families need to support each other more than ever in this current situation. The rule of 6 is stupid some people have big families and have to chose to see one or the other. Again mental health effected. This virus contracts the same as a cold and flu but none of these restrictions have ever been in place even with sars 1. I understand this is a new virus but it is not highly contagious.
  • Posted by CatMacIdeas October 05, 2020 at 21:24

    Some families are not comfortable meeting in an environment full of strangers like a cafe or bar for a number of reasons and need to make contact in a home To support each other.
  • Posted by Misscat October 05, 2020 at 23:11

    I have a parent with incurable cancer. When diagnosed, everyone said spend as much time with my parent as possible. This is not possible if I stick to the current rules. It literally breaks my heart every day and I know that both my parents need the emotional support and visits. I can go to work in a school and yet feel guilty about breaking rules if I visit my parents. Families need to be able to support each other. Now more than ever.
  • Posted by Aea789 October 05, 2020 at 23:15

    Why would anyone want to meet their elderly parents in a public place/space? We need to protect our parents and elderly friends not just from the virus also from social isolation.
  • Posted by louise1983 October 06, 2020 at 02:19

    I get seeing your family is important for your mental wellbeing and good for social interaction and to check up on your loved ones . Believe I struggle with this . I worry about my family. I agree some need to have contact to support each but I think of this way after lifting on banning each other from houses was lifted people started to throw houses partys some for family reasons and the others who took advantage of that . Like if your in a housing association and the might come to do work on your house then they should be wearing face masks or if your getting a home delivery they should wear face mask and taxi drivers I get and understand some cant because of health reasons etc but if your doing a service Id be asking them to wear face mask to limit my risk to the virus and my family or any vistors I could see at home . This kind of thing has happened to my aunt and shes house bound and has her young grandson living with theyve been put at risks by the actions of others . So if her family visited her and they had been put at risk in some way then its case to me here that given my aunt could have been exposed in her home by the carelessness of others she could expose her grandson and her other two son and daughter and grandaugther or my family. I dont mean to sound heartless here but if they be became effect in this it could spread so more easyer to others. To met in pub in a group of six should be better control and again the staff are at risk and are trying their hardest to keep their business running but something has to be done to help the staff because again why loads of people are following the rules its smallest number who aren't and its not just age factor its this stupid protests on going on covid isnt real and lack of support given to the not only the retail sections and other job wise places to given the power by the government to in force the law and to given the support to the police and health professional on the frontline. Something has to given closing pubs or restaurants or other places wont work in the longer term but Id suggests crowd control only so many in allowed in at set times by book system for pubs and restaurants like in the beginning like beer gardens but a limit to how many. Crowd control systems in shops and the shops be given backing by the government to in force the face mask rules unless health etc .
  • Posted by Irenehurst October 06, 2020 at 04:05

    Contact with family has to be a key priority. Parents with young children need the support of wider family particularly after over 3 months of lockdown. Keep interaction to no more than 3 households at a time but add wearing of masks. It is more risky to take an elderly parent out to a cafe to meet up for a coffee and a chat than to do this in their own home.
  • Posted by GSS October 06, 2020 at 08:30

    A simple published protocol could be used to allow family groups of more than 6 to meet simple to those in hospitality industry, 1.Make sure host home has clean surfaces, open windows if possible. 2.Visitors must wash hands on entering. 3.Masks can be worn and social distancing observed except for young children. 4. Surfaces again cleaned when guests leave and they use hand sanitiser or wash hands before leaving. If protocols open up industry then they can open up homes to families
  • Posted by Lornab13 October 06, 2020 at 15:56

    I have already lost my mother to Covid and we have been doing everything in our power to protect my father from the disease. The current no house visits is leaving him very isolated. I still visit as primary care giver but I am also holding down a full time job and he lives around a hours round trip from me. We were sharing visits within the family but the rule of 6 and only meeting in hospitality venues has put an end to this. How can it be safer to take an elderly person to a pub than to meet in his home. This needs to be reconsidered
  • Posted by EffectiveIdeas October 11, 2020 at 19:16

    The most important thing is to not meet different groups of people every day, which can happen even with the rule of six. Micromanaging people's lives to this extent (rule of six, no household visits etc.) is excessive. People can form a "trust chain" in which everyone limits interactions for a few days prior to meeting to make the meeting safer.
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