Make clearer that a negative test result is not a free pass

I heard about someone in Glasgow who was told by a contact that she had tested positive for Covid (not through track and trace), so he went to get tested and when he got a negative result immediately returned to his customer-facing workplace. People don’t seem to know or understand that a negative test result, esp shortly after possible infection, is very possibly a false negative. And that self-isolation for 14 days should be seen as non-negotiable. I also think people need to be reminded that, with going out comes responsibility. If you don’t want to end up quarantining for 14 days, you shouldn’t go anywhere you might be contact traced. There’s a decision to be made there and it might be NOT going to the cafe or the gym.

Why the contribution is important

People breaking the rules is a problem, but people who actually know they’ve been in contact with the virus breaking the rules is a very very big problem. And if this is because they don’t understand the rules, we need to say them louder and more clearly. Having discussed it with friends, many didn’t understand that a negative test result doesn’t get you out of 14 day isolation.

by StaysafeFiona on October 11, 2020 at 03:17PM

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