Make outdoors comfortable

Communities need to be supported to have outdoor opportunities for socialising.

It shouldn't be alcohol industry led either.

More space made for people to gather and meet up outside with reasonable shelter from the elements, although this isn't always possible in winter, there are many fairly benign, but cold days where we could be outside and socially distanced in relative comfort.

Not just a luxury for better off people who can afford to sit outside in the West end next to a heater, under a table umbrella at a licensed premises.

It is an absolute necessity for a nationally coordinated effort to enable all communities to be able to utilise the fresh air in the fight against this virus.

We could have made a start during the summer.

Never too late ?? Ex nurse and public health focused. Health isn't a commodity it's a universal right.

Physical Mental and Spiritual.

Why the contribution is important

Because it would not only restrict the potential for the virus to spread by spending less time indoors but it could also create better communities throughout the whole of Scotland.

Some communities can do this independently, while others will need more support.

It would also offer opportunity for entertainment, culture, and stimulation.


by p3t3r on October 05, 2020 at 04:04PM

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  • Posted by HappyPumpkin81 October 05, 2020 at 20:31

    I am a single parent with a toddler. When I complain about the lack of indoor clubs and soft play I am told to suck it up and get outside. I have kitted my daughter out in warm outdoor clothing, but my own jacket is 3 years old and soaks up water like a sponge,and my wellies have just been binned as they are full of holes. A cold wet mother is not a happy mother. If I can't attend a toddler group in a warm church hall for a £1 a time, an outdoor shelter would be helpful. Or as I saw on Facebook a Covid19 "baby box" with high quality outdoor gear for mother and child would be most welcome.
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