More research on what’s happening at street level Gggyy

It’s all very well working from modelling and ‘science’ but unless you’re aware of what’s actually happening at street level in towns and cities it’s not going to work. I travel around the central belt for work, and I see on almost every high street, shops etc that hardly anyone is adhering to guidelines. I drove through glasgow city centre on Saturday evening and the pubs were spilling out, no one distancing, everyone hanging over each other. My local shop does not enforce mask wearing and therefore often the only one in there in a mask. I hear you every day saying that the ‘vast majority’ are following guidelines. They simply aren’t!

Why the contribution is important

Because unless compliance improves, and people who don’t watch briefings or news etc (The huge majority) don’t understand why the guidelines are important, we’re going to be here for years.

by divdav199 on October 07, 2020 at 08:24PM

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