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The current situation is unsustainable. Going in and out of lockdown is not good for society, either economically or on the mental health of the country. Clearly they're needs to be significantly increased testing. There needs to be a focussed approach to protecting the more vulnerable people as they are at significant more risk than the rest of the population. There will obviously always be outliers who will experience more severe or fatal reactions to the virus which will always be tragic but the main focus of interventions needs to be towards the vulnerable and targeted in a much more local and community based approach. Rather than increased restrictions on whole health boards these should be focussed on specific communities. In care homes and other high risk work places, workers should as well as being tested go through the track and test process to assess who they are having contact out with work and categorised in green, amber and red about how much a risk they are within there work place. Work places have done well at becoming covid secure. The highest risk is what people do out with work environments. As well as testing this would work places an idea of how to best assign roles. While this would be a big ask of the public it's unlikely until there is a vaccine that things will move forward.

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It would allow a better understanding of the risks within work environments.

by davidthomson333 on October 11, 2020 at 06:56PM

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