MSPs, Ministers, First Minister to donate salaries for as long as lockdown/restrictions impair businesses

A system should be worked out and put into place so that our political representatives share the losses that many of us are experiencing as a conequence of lockdowns and other restrictions. For example: full Scottish lockdown = all MSPs and Ministers donate their whole salaries for the whole duration of the lockdown. Localized lockdown = same for local MSPs. Hospitality closure = the sector is asked what percentage of their annual turnover is expected to be lost as a consequence, and politicians donate that same percentage from their annual salary. This system should not be compulsory. "Stay at home" orders and mask-wearing have been enforced, to a great extent, through a campaign of social shaming, encouraging citizens to see those who do not abide by the rules as "public health enemies". I suggest that the same techniques should be tried here: donating salaries would be entirely voluntary, but the public and other politicians should make liberal (but respectful) use of social shaming to encourage individuals to do so.

Why the contribution is important

We have from the beginning been told that "we are in this together". The truth, however, is that we are not. Those in secure positions with the government can work from home and enjoy their full salaries, while many precarious workers and business owners have lost their livelihood for the foreseeable. Political representatives donating their salaries would be a strong gesture that would prove that we are truly in this forever. It would also provide much needed funds to support those who are suffering the most.

by Daradara on October 07, 2020 at 06:20PM

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