New Local Info and Local Authority Priority Powers

Now that we are able to see the local data by Neighbourhood and having looked over it myself, it is very detailed and puts a different picture on how people can view this virus at a more local level and allow for the local authorities to tsrget specific lockdowns at the high at risk areas while allowing other area's to remain open. For example in the week up to 2nd October we can see that the high spread area's are Balliston, Glasgow City Centre East and Finniston all having the most cases, with the aid of Track and Trace infomation for these area's further.allow more targeted infomation to be aimed at by the local council authorities and other partners. For example with Glasgow East and Finniston these are large student area's with the possibilities of spread surrounding house parties and Pubs/Restaurants are more than probable the main driver in these area's. With a targeted approch by closing down bars/restaurants and local transport (buses, trains) to and from the area, non-essential workplaces, (not supermarkets or key workers) Have a policing stratagy in the area at rooting out house parties and geneal policing to support those people who may be having a rough time. Charities could move in to help those who are isolating with food packaging or mental health support for those who need it. The Council could do targeted leaflet drops to the households in the area about self-isolation and movements and the reasons why the spread is currently high in their specific area, this could have the potential to bring the level down , not just in the area in particular but the area's surrounding the area where high outbreaks are situated.

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Since it now can be postulated as to reasons behind the spread in more local area's this infomation can be used to do targeted infomation drops, lockdown proposal's, cancellation of travel services, and other such measures could then be installed to try to keep the population wihin that bubble to help bring the transmission down in other areas with this all being done at a local authority level takeing the centrlisation out of the Scottish Government. This would the Government more breating space to focus more on the health services, policing, schooling and policy making that can help drive the virus down further This also leaves track and trace to focus greatly on the 1 - 5 cases we see in most other area's and try and break the chain of transsmission before it get any worse. I'm very aware there are drawbacks, like people leaving the area to go somewhere else for example, taking the virus outwith the more severe area's and spreading it further, but we have that as a current situation as it is at the momment. Cost is also an issue, but at the very least we can maintain a level of business to remain open outwith severley affected area's. Fines, at income propotinal levels, for those breaking the rules could help fund some of the services. A second Track and Trace team would be fundemental at finding these cases as it would be clear by movements from severe to less severe area's and this would in turn break the transmissions The benefit's are that business elsewhere remain open, most other people can get on with the new normal, and keeping transmission as low as we had it back in July. Now with the self isolation £500 scheme people wouldn't need to worry about travelling to and from word as they can afford to isolate themselves, again charities and mental health services can be more targeted, and I'm sure there are a ton more idea's other's could come up with. It is only going to get harder the more we come into winter and I feel that involving local services, with more local lockdowns will help prevent an oncoming disaster.

by tez01979 on October 05, 2020 at 04:43PM

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