No more lockdowns

I along with other key workers have worked all through the pandemic, we need our break with our kids, we are going to a caravan away from everyone else with fresh sea air and driving straight there, I dont see that as doing anything wrong, we need it for our mental health, I have been really struggling, my anxiety is through the roof, I've been unable to sleep due to worrying, my teenage daughter is also the same with being back at school with bullying, exam stress etc, she also needs this little break away. We have followed all the rules and guidance, I haven't visited family, kept my distance, sanitize, wear the mask etc, why should we be punished for doing what we were told, we didnt book a holiday abroad, we booked a staycation as that's what's been advised, we've done everything that's been asked, please dont punish the majority of people that have followed the rules. So my suggestion would be that maybe some jobs could become available for the people that have lost their jobs due to the pandemic, maybe they could be hired as covid marshall's out in shopping centres, pubs, restaurants, the high street etc to help people follow the rules & properly direct the one way systems. For the sake of peoples job and mental health we can not shut things down again.

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Because I dont think myself or others would cope mentally with another lockdown and also help give unemployment people a chance of some work that would help to keep us all safe.

by CarolannL on October 06, 2020 at 02:44PM

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