No more lockdowns - we can live with Covid

Coronavirus is not the only concern for the population. GPs have disappeared into a bunker and people with serious long term conditions have not been seen in Primary or Secondary Care since March, with no prospect for improvement. Heart failure, stroke, COPD - many of these patients have limited life expectancy and will deteriorate and die due to lack of healthcare intervention, in lonely and isolated circumstances, due to well meaning efforts to stop them getting Covid. The NHS knows how to prevent infection spread now, if HCPs follow guidance and the population knows the risk. Time to live with Covid and get chronic disease services fully open again and stop playing whack a mole with lockdowns.

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The government is making a decision that preventing deaths from Covid is the most important thing for the population and dominates every other disease and quality of life issue. This assumption needs to be tested with the population and deserves rigorous debate in the Scottish Parliament. Quality of life and civil liberties must be given the weight they deserve.

by Ava on October 06, 2020 at 12:07PM

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  • Posted by OhMeGord October 06, 2020 at 13:37

    Doctors and health experts sign up firstly to do no harm. And to make the NHS into a COVID-19 only Health Service is bordering being negligent! We need to learn to live with this and that is putting in place long term strategies to deal with Covid-19, not short term draconian fixes that do not work.
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