Not fair closing all restaurants

Instead of closing all restaurants,look at the ones not following guidelines,& close them, don’t tie them all with the one stick. Common sense tells us that people will still see a way to having a drink,that’s not socially distanced, but it would be in most pubs & restaurants. Do us a favour, start testing everyone, maybe that way we can save jobs& businesses & when this is done still have a Scotland too be proud off,& businesses that thrive.

Why the contribution is important

Just too have businesses left in Scotland,& we thrive as a national again, a we bit common sense wouldn’t go amiss especially when closing pubs & restaurants will just cause more problems as house parties etc will escalate.

by Justaskivy1 on October 08, 2020 at 10:50PM

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  • Posted by AngBen90 October 09, 2020 at 13:47

    In my experience, restaurants have worked hard to comply with Covid rules and to make patrons feel safe. They provide an important social function when at-home socialisation is not possible.

    They also contribute to our local and national economy, being used by locals and visitors. Without open restaurants, even those visiting from elsewhere in Scotland or the UK cannot come so there is a knock-on effect with hoteliers/B&Bs, transport operators and retail outlets.

    The jobs they provide support the livelihood of individuals. Let's not be quick to shut these places down, best to find a less damaging way to allow business and life continue, whist being careful regarding infections.
  • Posted by RhubarbTart October 11, 2020 at 17:11

    Completely agree. A lazy draconian measure. Meantime a cafe near me stays open with it seems zero mitigation and kitchen staff not in masks. How is this fair?
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