People who lost their jobs

There's so much money being provided for businesses, what about the people who lost their jobs or who had job starts removed due to Covid, merely telling them to apply for benefits when a lot dont qualify due to household income, isn't enough. You gave agencies contracts for community testers to go to residents homes with kits, that was withdrawn, why?

Why the contribution is important

It would reduce unemployment and get test kits out in communities where they're needed. Its not just testing stations near Uni accommodation thats needed, there are also high numbers in local communities, especially where we live in Glasgow. My Husbamd has never been out of work, he's 56 and is now suffering from mental health for the first time as he's been trying to find employment since March when his new job offer was withdrawn. Help newly unemployed now that you've seen to businesses.

by TraceyCawley69 on October 11, 2020 at 01:31PM

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