Peoples feedback loop - allow citizens to make decisions

Inform the people and allow them to make the decisions. There has been a severe lack of information on the trade offs if corona policy. An example might be ‘restrictions x on nhs operations may mean a result of y for patients’ or ‘shutdown of pubs and restaurant for y time will result in z’. In addition and more concerning is the lack of democracy / servant leadership- and decisions are being made dictatorially. We need an urgent re establishment of smp representation to align with the maturity of our nation on policy decisions and we need easier feedback loops available to our citizens. This can be done easily by apps email voting or on the street interviews or online services.

Why the contribution is important

We must restore democracy and trust our public after informing them of trade offs. Our people need to feel respected and trusted and need basic simple feedback loops to restore faith in the government. Targeted protection for vunerable is a given but our lives and livelihoods should be in our hands. Sam Edinburgh

by samtoye on October 06, 2020 at 04:48PM

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