Please Keep the Ideas Site Open for Longer

Please keep the Ideas site open for longer. If you close this site tonight at 10 pm, many people will not have had time to read, comment and vote on the ideas which have been presented.

Also many people do not yet know that the site exists. It would be good to publicise the site, perhaps at the daily coronavirus briefings, and give more time for people to contribute.

Why the contribution is important

There are many more ideas yet to come forward as to how to beat and survive this deadly virus. I am sure many people, like me, want the opportunity to study, comment and vote on the responses. Giving us more time will increase the quality of the comment and allow people to be more informed before they vote.

I congratulate the Scottish government on this innovative approach and hope it will be successful in helping the government to make the correct choices. I also hope it will be one of many more such initiatives to come- empowering people and giving an arena for them to contribute to meaningful debate and shaping the future of our society, economy and country.

by Suzie on October 11, 2020 at 04:32PM

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