Promote herd immunity and end this by Easter.

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Historically speaking, lockdowns haven't ever worked, even the first in Italy to contain the black death, and nothing changed, the community was still ravished. The difference is this isn't the black death, and doesn't kill as many people. My proposal is step up the game in providing medical treatment, such as tent hospitals, etc, giving those with severe illness the best chance to survive, encourage posativity for people facing it, and let life return to normal.

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This will save more life's in the long run, continual lockdown is going to do more harm than good, the depression rates, joblessness, and other illnesses not being catered to because of covid is shambolic. We need a dedicated department to deal with covid on the ground, one that could borrow from military resources, let the virus spike now and we could return to normal by Easter. This method I believe will save more life's as we can have businesses reopen and less chance of people being subject to adverse poverty that the government is currently imposing in them. This will allow focus on treatment, and will also allow those testing the vaccine to prove its effectiveness from trials, if they are indeed immune they will not become sick through exposure.

by Scottlebusiness on October 06, 2020 at 12:14PM

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