Punish only the guilty

Too many people are being punished by lockdowns and constant restrictions being placed on them. This is totally unfair on the majority who are going along with the guidelines. The fact of the matter is, this virus is always going to be here, as will its mutations. Like the flu, you will never completely get rid of it. If you want to shut this virus down then punish the guilty. The pubs, clubs and restaurants who don't enforce the rules in order to remain open. If they want to stay in business then they should abide by the rules like everyone else. Punish the people organising house parties and in some cases street parties. If you deal with the ones creating the problems then the problem starts to go away thanks to those who are working together to keep this at bay. But blanket bans and enforcement to shut down whole sectors is not the answer. So deal with the rule breakers and let the rest of our industries carry on working.

Why the contribution is important

It deals with the problem without shutting down whole area's and sectors of our industry as well as heloing to save jobs.

by JimManclark on October 11, 2020 at 03:49PM

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