Regional lockdowns

Regional lockdowns where cases are high and no travelling outwith your region. This would help contain the spread and allow lower affected areas continue to contribute to the economy work wise and with tourism/leisure.

Restaurants should be take away only - I find it hard to agree with the fact you can visit family but only in a taxable setting. You can sit 6 people of the same family, who know where each other has been and who they have been with, in a restaurant with loads of other households knowing nothing about them or their whereabouts. But you can't sit round your own kitchen table with them? I struggle with this. Also, sitting/meeting outside is all well and good when the weather is nice but we are fast approaching colder, wetter winter weather. How will this work then? Aren't we more liable to catch colds and chills sitting out for prolonged periods of time while chatting to family and friends? Therefore entering a catch twenty two?

Stop all unnecessary flights in and out of the country. Travel should be stopped, full stop. The only way for containment is to stay contained. I understand that border control wouldn't be easy but there should be something put in place for each countries own welfare and containment.

NHS hospitals in low case areas should be open and accepting of care to Joe Public. It's a disgrace keeping everything locked down for such a prolonged period. Routine appointments are still important - prevention is better than a cure theory. NHS should never have closed its doors to anyone. I understand stopping it from becoming overwhelmed but clearly that has not been the case. Keep A&E to minimum, cuts and minor injuries could be triaged to smaller community hospitals - which again are mostly sitting empty? Fully staffed! While more serious cases that need full equipment are seen in hospital. The NHS should NOT be biased on who it treats. Scotland itself has not had that many cases of extra hospitalisation so therefore get the hospitals back up and running with strict sanitation and old school infection control.

Schools class sizes should be smaller and more social distancing while sitting for long times at tables - which is guidelines for everyone else. If parents are savvy about meeting with other people and regional restrictions are in place then cases should be lower. Again schools in high risk regions should be stricter on class sizes and maybe implement blended learning again.

Lockdowns should NOT occur through holiday times as previous, the regional restrictions should be implemented and if your region is low then you should be allowed to move around freely but also taking all necessary precautionary steps. This is becoming tedious and has proved not to work as as soon as restrictions are lifted we see cases start to rise. We can't keep living like this.

Why the contribution is important

I think its important to still have life as normal as possible for ourselves, children and elderly/sick people. Regional lockdowns would help low risk regions to carry on and high risk regions to slow down and recover. Travel bans are a must. As I said the only way for containment is to stay contained.

by SAParker82 on October 06, 2020 at 07:01AM

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  • Posted by Fionafrgsn October 06, 2020 at 12:37

    Totally agree. Right from the start travel should have stopped. When flights reinstated testing should be available on arrival. Learn from Italy, look how well they have handled the situation with testing all incoming passengers and they provide a result within a very short space of time. This is how this virus spread in the first place. Local lockdowns fair enough but not a national one. The economy has got to get going again and we should have the confidence to feel safe in areas where cases are low.
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