Relationships vs proximity

The virus, like many other nasty bugs, spreads because of the way we behave. It preys on our social instincts.

Locking down should restrict how close we can get to people, our proximity to each other.


Locking down shouldn't prohibit social activities that allow us to be human, we are social creatures.

When lockdown blocks our connection to other over a long period of time we face many other debilitating and life shortening risks. Our health and well being are harmed. In the medium and long run, it may not be worth locking down...

So we do what is right.

Instead, we protect the vulnerable and open up our economy using social distance, masks and investing in health and technology to help us all:

Let's not impose any more lockdown measures that feel oppressive, dehumanising and are often plain wrong to a great many and a growing number of people. Especially for young people and those older people that often are able to advocate for themselves.

Let's absolutely protect the vulnerable. We've learnt lessons from the first wave of the virus from March 2020. Our health workers are indeed heros but let's not let that be in vain or ignore the knowledge gained from this sacrifice.
Let's use science and data to protect those we know to be vulnerable. To do so, these people must isolate and be careful when they move about. We can all help them by wearing masks,
distancing etc. The government can Pay their wages, deliver them food and essentials etc. Let's actively strive to find a way to allow those vulnerable people to get back into daily life knowing that more advances in testing, treatment and in time vaccines will help. But we know the rest of us will have to manage while time is needed for this to happen.

If you have an office job. Work from home. The government should encourage businesses to support this. These workers are free shop, live and work locally. Government investment in local amenities and planning rules needs to be overhauled to ensure, closer to home working is possible and probable.

The economy is open

Why the contribution is important

It's not far off what the government's doing now. However, the guidelines are constantly announced and change often in very specific ways.

This is clearly a poor way of managing public health communication.

The electorate (citizens) areand will quickly tire. The government will lose its credible and authority. That's not worth it.

There are other tissues that require a credible and respected government.

The alternative doesn't bear thinking about, that we lose democratic voice and it is replaced by what?

This virus is only a threat if we persist with and accentuate the initial chaos it has caused. Let's drastically simplify our lockdown measures. Putting in place guidelines that dont change week to week. Let's think about how we must live for the next 3years and put those measures in place.

Remember, no one wants to take the vaccine that was rushed through anyway. Even if a vaccine is possible it will take time to manufacture and distribute even once it is thought safe enough.

by PeoplePlacePurpose on October 05, 2020 at 09:12PM

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  • Posted by Lornab13 October 05, 2020 at 21:26

    Well said - above all we are social creatures who require human contact in the same way we need food & heat
  • Posted by Denise64 October 05, 2020 at 21:31

    Social distancing of close family at funerals should be lifted. It's bad enough dealing with a death without being allowed to comfort close family members that have been following all the rules
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