Report estimated community infection levels together with Covid cases

When reporting Covid cases, the Government should also report the estimated level of infection in the general population (by region). General infection levels are monitored through ongoing population surveys and we should be able to see how this is increasing or decreasing, not just number of Covid cases which may or may not be influenced by very localised outbreaks , by how many tests are carried out, and by whether the people being tested are coming forward because they believe they have symptoms.

Why the contribution is important

Reporting the estimated general infection levels by region, at the same time as reporting total cases/new cases would give added context to where we are with this pandemic. Total cases on their own do not give the full picture - for example the recent spike in new cases in Glasgow was in large part down to a very localised outbreak in a university hall of residence. The public are also unclear as to how many tests are being carried out. I, like many, trust the daily reporting less and less because my perception is that the figures are being 'spun' to accommodate the message being given, and my perception is also that there must surely be a large increase in testing which also contributes to the increases in cases reported. As a result the figures being reported are meaningless to me, and I'm sure I'm not alone?

by paulieG on October 06, 2020 at 05:29PM

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