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Restrict travelling at the moment. Close borders, allow only essential entry to regions. As someone who drives all day for a living, I am astounded at the amount of camper vans on the road.On a 12 mile journey last week, I counted 37! Both national and foreign. I live in a scenic part of the Highlands, and the amount of human faeces and rubbish I witness at the side of the roads is horrendous, this is not to mention the amount of tourists I have had to pick up who's foreign holidays have been cancelled so they feel they should travel here's they 'need a break'. I, nor most people I know have left our region in 7 months, so why are people being so disrespectful to us. A lot of our virus numbers would decrease if we close the borders and lockdown regions for a very short period of time, I cant understand why this hasn't happened yet...

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The number of tourists and travellers, from other parts of Scotland, the UK and abroad, is ridiculous.

by Stut1983 on October 11, 2020 at 09:51PM

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