I have chosen to stay at home since March and I have not been in anyone else’s house and I have not been in another house either. I have not been in a supermarket or a cafe/restaurant or pub. My social life as well as work has all been virtual. I have not seen any family members as they all live a good distance away. I have managed, it has not been easy but it is the only way I can make sure I am safe. I have not been to my holiday home as I know this beautiful area in the highlands has been inundated with tourists. My suggestion is to limit travel, everyone should stay within there own council or health board area with obvious exceptions. Stop tourists from overseas or other nations within the UK traveling here and spreading the virus. As the FM said, this virus won’t last forever but as long as people can freely travel to Scotland we will not be in a position to collectively suppress the virus. The economy will survive, issue bonds similar to war bonds and allow those who can afford to support the county do so and reap the rewards at a point in the future. Keep schools open for the benefit of our children and young people but put further and higher education to online learning to safeguard the health of all at these institutions and their families. Personally, my son goes to college one day a week and it feels like they last 7 months of staying at home has been wasted as we now need to accept this risk every week. Working from home should be the normal and while this isn’t always easy it can be done. Please keep the daily updates from the FM, they are invaluable for information regardless of the press asking sometimes stupid questions . I feel frustrated often listening to them and I can only imagine how the FM feels .

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My idea is important as lives matter and this should be priority over having holidays and socialising freely. I have no idea if I have an underlying health condition and I am not prepared to take the chance.

by Mtracey on October 11, 2020 at 06:02PM

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