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While many young people will have their careers affected by Covid 19, it is very important not to forget adults of all ages should have equal access to retraining and further education opportunities to create new career paths.
Please make it easier to retrain adults eg remove age restrictions on apprenticeships, make people development part of every project to recover from covid 19.

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The pace of recovery of the Scottish economy will depend on a workforce able to provide the skills needed movi g forward. As we will be working until we are 70 years and beyond, we need to help people to adapt to new working environments during their work life.

by Angelac on October 06, 2020 at 07:50AM

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  • Posted by Julie October 06, 2020 at 09:51

    Agree entirely. The Scottish government have focused completely on the 18-24 year old category and anyone above that age is just ignored. While the very young do need help so do other age groups affected by redundancy and unemployment.

    The over 50s group has the double issue of unemployment and blatant age discrimination for example. Many in this group are not even “counted “ as unemployed as they don’t register because they would not receive any benefits anyway (household income, saving etc too high). Many people are not “economically inactive” by choice, they just can’t find work and are excluded from the unemployment count for the reasons outlined above.

    The focus on the under 25s, all the financial support offered to employers by government and the current minimum wage regulations means they will employ this group as anyone older is just too expensive. So people are in the scrap heap at age 26?

    Government should be there to serve the whole of society, this seems to have been forgotten.

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