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I think there should be discussion about this ....schools should be paid to provide transport for their pupils to keep them off public transport...esp the afternoon bus...

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Social gatherings are limited to 6 from 2 households & we can only share a vehicle with those from your extended household. ...yet pupils from 100's of households mix for many hours a day then get onto school buses and those potentially contaminated buses remain is service....? in taxis,,, . After each passenger journey, drivers should clean all hard surfaces both inside and outside the car such as door handles, window winders, seat belts, card payment devices, boot access, the rear of the front seats and other surfaces passengers may have touched. Drivers should then wash/sanitise their own hands. There should be an adequate supply of cleaning materials and means of disposal for the shift. In schools, 100's of household mix in closed, crowded environments. The pupils then get onto buses which remain in service. Secondary chools should be paid to provide transport for their pupils.

by AONeill on October 05, 2020 at 07:11PM

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