Shielding saves lives

There are many vulnerable people like me being forced back into frontline roles where we are at high risk of both catching the virus and most likely dying. Please reinstate shielding for those of us that need that protection. Those that don’t wish to shield are not being forced, they can take risk if they so choose. Please listen to those of us working in schools, the nhs etc who are having daily anxiety attacks at work. We are terrified. #shieldingsaveslives

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Being forced back into frontline positions in the nhs etc and having to work around covid patients as a high risk individual is not right. Nobody should be forced to choose between their life or their livelihood. Shielding needs reintroduced, cases are sky high and we are being put in a horrid position. Not only are we terrified, but our families are worried sick. Nobody is forced to shield but please reinstate it to protect those of us who choose life.

by Justjess on October 11, 2020 at 06:53PM

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