Shielding Vulnerable Groups.

Reinstate shielding for those in high risk occupations. Give people the option to remain at home if they consider themselves to be at risk at work. I'm a support worker for special needs and am forced to sit in a people carrier or minibus for over two hours a day with untested staff and service users who are unable to wear a mask. I also have to support service users to access community facilities, many of which I am still avoiding due to the risks. Please give people the option to shield again, if they wish. You say you are unwilling to reinstate shielding due to concerns over mental health. I am in contact with many frontline workers on social media and can assure you that their mental health is now worse since shielding was paused.

Why the contribution is important

It will save lives. It will protect the NHS. It will protect vulnerable peoples mental health. It will allow a buffer until a vaccine is found, hopefully within the next few months. It will give vulnerable people the opportunity to choose whether to shield again or not. It will allow vulnerable people to make their own risk assessment based on their own, individual vulnerabilities and occupational risk.

by tefal on October 11, 2020 at 09:00PM

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