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Show us proper evidence showing masks work. They aren’t doing so good in Spain & France who’ve had them longer & tougher yet more evidence showing the counties doing better are not masked up. Kids especially should be exempt like England and Wales. Show you are looking at ‘various’ expert opinions & rationale for making decisions you do over other ones or why you ignore all evidence on Sweden. Present all the facts including clear numbers (and proof pcr doesnt give ‘false positives’ in high numbers) break down the figures showing if its people having routine tests or due to symptoms and severity and stop focusing on ‘cases’ now whilst making decisions which massively impact everyones lives. Be clear & publish all of the ‘evidence’ showing how you make and justify all of these decisions

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tests ‘a bit rubbish’ as Jason Leitch stated we know false positives can be high. we are making massive decisions based on ‘cases’ and we don’t have a clear breakdown of all the evidence which we deserve

by lauz84 on October 06, 2020 at 12:34AM

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