Stop the herd immunity policy in our secondary schools

The apparent policy of herd immunity in our state and private schools must be addressed. It is wrong to introduce all these current restrictions on the hospitality sector and wider community without introducing appropriate measures for social distancing in our schools. The behaviours of the schoolchildren now are not much different from their pre pandemic behaviour.
We all expect employers to provide a safe environment for their employees but this does not appear to be the case for state and private schools. It is appalling to see safeguards in place for both U.K and Scottish Parliaments and ministers yet scant regard for schools and the wider community with this apparent herd policy.
Reducing class numbers ,regular testing and similar measures on transport to school, as on public transport ,would be an excellent place to start adding to the minimal measures currently in place.
I realise that there will be a cost to this but the continuing education and well-being of our secondary school pupils and wider community has to be paramount.

Why the contribution is important

With the numbers of positive cases of covid rising in the community we have to address all areas of concern not just the hospitality sector. I also firmly believe that we cannot ignore the fact that since schools reopened the positive cases in the wider community have been slowly rising.
It is widely accepted that older children do not need to develop symptoms and can prove to be asymptomatic transmitting covid in their school and community just as easily as adults.
This pandemic has had a massive impact on all of us and the aim of my idea is to ensure that schools remain open with the safest possible environment for staff and pupils alike with the reduction of positive cases in the wider community.

by dino38 on October 10, 2020 at 09:37PM

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