Students Income Provision

Now more than ever, students are finding a source of income difficult to obtain.

After loosing my job in late February, job searching slowly became more and more difficult with lockdown and other contributing factors. I had no choice but to apply for college, despite actually having an interest in the course, another sub-factor for choosing to go back to studying is to get a guaranteed income. Student Loans and Bursaries is really all students are entitled to.

We cannot claim universal credit, job seekers allowance or for the matter of fact, any benefits at all. All we get is a reduced income simply due to the fact there are little/no jobs going - and employers are going for people with a heightened experience in the job role or are hiring based on age.

Guaranteed minimum income for college/university students needs to be considered.

Why the contribution is important

This idea is important as it gives students peace of mind that they can actually afford to pay an unexpected bill or something to that degree.

Just because we are students, what makes us exempt from claiming universal credit? People who do not study that cannot obtain a job are entitled to it. Those of us who CHOOSE to study and cannot get a job either are penalised purely down the the fact we are CHOOSING to broaden our knowledge and gain new qualifications. This needs to be changed and reviewed.

by CL91593 on October 11, 2020 at 03:46PM

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